Hello! I'm so glad you are here.

I'm Ilse; coach, teacher, facilitator. I love the process of examination, and becoming more brilliant than our story, and bigger than the sum of our conditioning, and am lit up and and inspired by the the place where personal development, spirituality, and activism intersect.

I work with people who inquire deeply, and are hungry to write a new story about what is possible, for themselves and for the world. I support people in bringing the envisioned to fruition, bridging inner with outer, and connecting with their essential selves to create alignment in their lives.



What is the thing inside of you that if unexpressed, will be your life-regret?

  • Is there a gap between that which you value and identify with, and the you, you present to the world?
  • Do uninspired, overwhelmed, and physically -or soulfully off, ring familiar? 
  • Are you in need of clarity and support toward aligning your inner and outer realities?

How would it feel to have a safe space to explore deeply;

  • Your  joys, your dreams, and your vision, your fears, and your limiting beliefs. 
  • What feels stuck or unexpressed, what you long for -and who you actually want to BE in your life? 

     As a coach, I facilitate

  • The transformation that comes from identifying and aligning your deepest core values, un-realized potentials, and secret soulful wishes, with how you show up in the world. 
  • Embodying the vision you hold for yourself based on your highest truth, and not that which is imposed by others, or born of conditioning, comparison, and lack. 

  • The experience of expansion over contraction, reverence over indifference, and feeling over fleeing.  (Woot! Let's create more of that)


Curious about working together?