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Hello! Im Ilse; coach, teacher, visioner

I love the process of examination, and becoming more brilliant than our story and bigger than the sum of our conditioning. The place where personal development, spirituality, and activism intersect, is my sweet spot.

I work with people who inquire deeply, and are hungry to write a new story about what is possible. Who want to step up, and step in, -to whatever it is that is calling.

I support people in bringing the envisioned to fruition, bridging inner with outer, and coming home to their unfettered selves.


  • Where are the places you are living what is expected, aspired to, valued, -the what matters, of others?

  • What is the thing inside of you that if unexpressed, will be your life-regret?

  • Is there a gap between that which you identify with and hold sacred, and how you show up in the world?

  • What do you value, wish to see, and BE?



AS A COACH and as a human being, I am committed to

  • Unpacking and re-defining what it means to be human on this planet. The current story no longer serves.
  • Being awake. Bringing light to dark places. Exploring, honing, refining, clarifying, evolving, and becoming. 
  • Finding the edge. Being vulnerable. Showing up. Being in service. Compassion as verb. 
  • Expansion, reverence, feeling deeply, and cultivating joy in the now, rather than pursuit of the ever elusive, consumption-based myth of "happy"


One of the foundational values and guiding principles in my life is contribution. To that end, I donate 5 percent of my earnings from coaching to one of three organizations that are doing meaningful and impactful work in the world. Currently they are; Vine Sanctuary, The Food Empowerment Project, and Buddhist Global Relief

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A deeper look at what coaching is and isn't, how I work, and what it might be like work together

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