It can be called many things and asked in many ways, but at the heart of every coaching conversation lies the question -- What is the truest expression of the soul’s calling in this situation?

What is the goal of the Self, beneath the goal of the should or the assumption? What is hidden within the “stuckness” or the fear?

What would bring us home again? To ourselves. To source. To our essential nature.

We come into this world whole, visioned, clear-feeling ...our curiosities and gifts at the ready. We get “educated” out of our wisdom, and conditioned to outsource that which defines (our) value.

And we become estranged from our ourselves. I believe we are all so in need of finding our way back. 

Rather than offering a pre structured formula or outcome, the foundation of our coaching begins with truthful dialogue and deep listening, which organically leads to what and where “the work” is, and helps us navigate the call to inner and outer journeys.

And the emergent future.

Some of the ways COACHING can support you

  • Lean into a life led by intention, rather than the outcome of conditioning, what's expected, or the current default trajectory.

  • Close the gap between inner (identity, vision, things held sacred, life longed for) and outer (life, work, relationships, actions -life lived)

  • Answer a hunger for forward motion, and a fuller expression of yourself, more of the time.

  • Quietly begin to YES more often (Or finally say NO)

    You are re the wise author of your own life. What I can do is help you deconstruct the stuck spots and muddiness, and chart the way.


  • We co-create a safe, supportive, and judgement free space. Your light, your dark, and your messy are welcome.

  • We look at your life, your longings, and what comes up; working through old stories, triggers, and stuck places.

  • We identify goals -and then get underneath and intimate with what makes them important and how (and if) they really serve you.

  • We take a look at the parts of you that are seemingly in conflict, and invite integration and ease.

  • We uncover the wisdom, resourcefulness, creativity, and freedom to choose that are already yours ...even though you may not know it.

    Ultimately, coaching is about connecting who we are, with how we are.



I coach via Zoom or Skype which allows me to work with people regardless of geography and time zones. I generally meet with clients for 2-3 sessions pr month for a minimum of 3 months.  You can click here to to contact me and schedule a time for us to have a conversation -complimentary, and we can discuss whether coaching is what will serve you, and if we are a good match.

I also offer a 6 week Values Blueprint program as a stand alone, or as the foundation for our work together.
You can learn more here.

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I can't guarantee a quick fix, or unwavering confidence -life, and we, are far more complex than that. 

What I can promise is to co-create a safe and uncensored space to dive deeply into who you really are, and what you really want from this life, and to bring your vulnerable parts, and your stuck spots. I promise to show up fully, listen deeply, and to both challenge and support you.

I will bring my curiosity, and my compassion, and help you to access the wisdom about your unique Self that only you posess. From there, more is possible than either you or I can imagine.

If you are intrigued by the idea of inner-landscape and sometimes uncomfortable edges, and living fuller, more engaged, and values-centered calls to you, I may be the coach you are looking for.



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Does this resonate?