Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Single sessions; a single session, or a package of 2-3 are great if you; 

  • Want to give the gift of health and wellness to a friend or loved one
  • Are already eating well and feeling good but could use some one on one strategizing to take things up a notch or address areas of interest or challenge; you talk, I listen. Together, we create.
  • Have been thinking of embracing a compassionate diet and lifestyle, but have questions/concerns and need solid information and guidance. No question is to small and all are welcome. Ask!
  • Need assistance with menu creation for a special event or creative recipes for vegan or plant-based guests
  • Are already a committed (junk food) vegan who is ready to merge your commitment to compassion with an equal passion for your own health and wellness. 


Have topic specific questions/needs such as; 

  • How to cook without dairy and eggs; alfredo sauce, mac and cheese ...yep, all possible!
  • Resources; Shopping and reading recommendations, creating a toxin free home, what are super foods, how to cook grains ...
  • Or anything else on your mind :)                      

1 - $98  |  2 - $178 |  3 - $264


30 day foundation;

  • A 1 month Jump Start/Foundation is perfect if you; Want to make subtle but meaningful changes to an already “pretty healthy” diet. Have lots of information but don’t know how to sort through it and make it work for you, and in a way that fits your lifestyle, or have a specific set of needs or a goal you would support around achieving. I meet you where you are we create a system and set of tools for where you want to go.  4x50 minute skype sessions with email follow up, guides, recipes and resources, and between session check in's .



90 day Deep Dive;

  • The 3 month Deep Dive is a fully customized program that not only helps you transition to a healthier and more mindful diet and lifestyle through clarity, strategy, accountability, and inspiration, but does so in a way that creates changes in thoughts and habits for the long run, and empowers you to embrace and embody the vision of wellness you hold for yourself. We start with the foundations of health; digestion, hydration, and alkalinity, and then explore topics such as eating for nutrient density and satiety, before moving on to how to's and lifestyle change.  12x50 minute skype sessions with email follow up, guides, recipes, and resources, between session check in’s, and email support.



Questions? Just ask, programs can be created specific to your needs and intentions.                                       Click here to → contact me

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