The power of the food we eat to create transformation, both individually and globally, is profound. Few choices cause a greater ripple ...Yet most of us give more time and consideration to what we put ON our bodies; our clothes, our footwear, even our choice of shampoo, than the source, and qualities, of what we put into it.

What, you may say, does what we eat have to do with living an authentic and congruent life? Everything. Aligning our core values with our food choices is a powerful tool for connecting inner world and ideals with outer reality, as what we eat is literally, the thing that creates that reality; our bodies and physical experience of health and wellness, our emotions, our psychology, and the planet we inhabit, are a direct result at a cellular and soul level, of the choices we make. Standing in awareness of the ripple our eating habits create in the world -and in us, is an integral part of living connected and fully awake.

Have you ever stopped to taste a carrot? Not just eat it, but taste it? You can't experience the beauty and energy of the earth in a Twinkie.

Consuming fresh, whole plant–based foods is a fully different experience, both in the way we eat, and the resulting sense of satiety, or lack there of, than when we eat  foods which have no nutritional value, are over processed, void of life–force, and actively harm us; robbing our bodies of much needed nutrients and contributing little. Whole, plant–based foods are uniquely nourishing and healing, as they supply us with sustenance on many levels.  

Food, and the rituals with which we eat our meals; mindfully and with intention and awareness, or conflicted, reticent, rushing, numbing, nourishes more than our physical bodies, it nourishes our spirit. The very core of us, creating wellness in the deepest sense. Mind. Body. Soul

The spiritual and cultural revolution that calls us must begin with our food. Food is our primary connection with the earth and her mysteries, and with our culture. It is the foundation of economy and is the inner spiritual metaphor of our lives.
— Dr. Will Tuttle

That the food we eat holds the key to either cause or prevent disease, and to heal the majority of the chronic ailments and imbalances we've come to believe are normal and "just part of life" cannot be over emphasized. The scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports a whole foods plant-based diet as optimal for preventing and even reversing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and numerous other illnesses, and for creating a state of thriving, integrated, wellness.

Equally and overwhelmingly compelling, are the reasons to embrace a diet reflective of the core values of compassion, non violence, equality, and preservation of our fragile planet. Choosing to eat plant-based, whether by slowly incorporating more whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods into your diet, or fully transitioning to a whole foods vegan lifestyle, its a triple win — for our own health and wellness, for the earth, and for those, both human and non human, we share her with.

The old adage “We are what we eat” holds true; we are inescapably, created from all that we take into us. The question becomes, what do we want the building blocks of our bodies -and our lives, to be?


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