What does it mean to live Heart-Centered?

It means choosing from the heart in thought, word, and deed. It means connecting to and living from our unfettered state, and our most fervent wishes for ourselves, and for the world. It means our hearts, with which our deepest core values are intimately entwined, are the filter by which decisions are weighed and successes measured, and by which we chart our daily actions, and path to traverse. 

Living heart-centered means choosing expansion over contraction. It means recognizing our habits borne of conditioning, and choosing the knowing that lies at the core of us instead. It means fortitude over fear, and feeling rather than shutting away,  -there is strength and liberation that comes with being present with both our pain, and our love for the world. This is where our power as agents of change lies. 

That persistent whisper of your heart?  It's your soul trying to tell you something ...       

To live heart and values-centered also means examining the ripples we create in the world, -there are no neutral actions, our every choice has effect. It means acknowledging ourselves as an inextricable part of the whole, and extending our circle of compassion, reverence, and responsibility, ever wider. Choosing from our hearts  is a statement of intention; to open wider, care fiercely, and BE our humanity.

Though many of us live disconnected from our inner landscape of knowing, I believe that when we look, and define our innate core values and that which we stand for, they are aligned with love, truth, justice and humanity, preservation of our fragile planet, and the right to freedom and peace for all beings. 

These are the principles we almost all hold dear and by which we identify ourselves. It is in the space, -sometimes it's a chasm, between these core ideals, and how we show up in the world, that our work lies. It is also this space that holds the the greatest opportunity for transformation.

Stepping into alignment with who we were before the world told us who to be, how to feel, and what to value, reveals our most congruent and essential selves. And I believe, this is what it means to live heart-centered.