What would it be like to 

Get crystal clear on what really matters, get reverent with what you hold sacred, and get on with it?

No bullshit?

The thing I am really good at, is cutting through; story, noise, muddiness, and getting to the heart of what is true.

I can be bluntly honest. But I think we all want some of that, right? It is always delivered with mad love and compassion. 

Hello! Im Ilse

I work with people who are hungry for lives that reflect who they are.

Who feel stuck, unexpressed, misaligned, and know that there is a gap between inner (identity, vision, things held sacred, life longed for) and outer (life, work, relationships, actions -life lived) but who don't know how to close it, and build the life they want.

This is what creating a life that is congruent and feels meaningful is all about.

I'm passionate about the work of aligning our values; the guiding principles and aspirational arcs in our lives, with how we actually show up -in our lives, and in the world.

And about coming home to ourselves.

I love the process of examination, and becoming more brilliant than our story and bigger than the sum of our conditioning. 

When we get really clear on our “what matters” -our core values, they become our beacons. The filter by which decisions are made and success is measured, and how we chart our daily actions and path to traverse. And life starts to feel congruent.

When our lives are not organized around our values, if we only play with them as ideas, -or ideals for someday, or we are not even clear on what they are, and our lives don't reflect what at our core is true and sacred, there is a sense of dissatisfaction, disjointed-ness, stuckness, and un-fulfillment. 

Values-Based Coaching is about uncovering the heart of what really, deeply matters to you, and then doing the work of bringing your what matters, into alignment with your life and life-decisions.


Ways to coach with me 


  • Four 1:1 coaching calls; uncover your 6 core values ...your "what matters"
  • Create your personal Values Blueprint -a tangible, visual and verbal representation of the things that fundamentally matter in your life
  • Learn how to use your Values Blueprint as a tool to guide you in choice making and direction taking

                 Values-Based Coaching

After discovery, go deeper; aligning your unique what matters, with life aspects and daily actions. 

  • Get underneath and really intimate with the things you hold sacred. Name them. And claim them. 
  • What comes up, where are the stuck spots; working through, clarifying, aligning ...
  • Bridge the gap between values held and life lived; create a life that feels congruent