Measures of a year well spent

I think we all do it; a year comes to an end and we start to reflect on what has, and has not been accomplished; aspirations for new jobs, moves, new loves, finally reaching the goal...for reinvention?
Invariably, it opens up a whole can of angst.
But what of internal evolution? What of walking the labyrinth of inner landscape? Of traveling great distances to come home to ourselves, while externally, not much has changed?

What of forward motion that can't be measured in a straight line?

We assign so much value, and measure of worth and identity by the external. Its a very modern, and western thing, I think. This DO-ing rather than BE-ing.

I am in no way suggesting that we don't set, and work toward our aspirations (for me a better word than goals) or that we passively sit back and wait for our dreams to manifest via the "power of positive thinking"
Only that we redefine what progress looks like. And, maybe show ourselves some kindness.
I am a seasoned practitioner of whipping ones-self with the sharply barbed list of what what hasn't been accomplished.
But what if we took pause, a kindly few moments with ourselves, to list our victories?

  • How much rootedness, and emotional intelligence have we gained?

  • How much more do we belong to ourselves?

  • The days we did get to the gym, speak our truth, choose, rather than react?

  • New ways of being with ourselves and in the world.

  • The ways we've lived braver.

Maybe this year has been marked by huge leaps and gains; hoped for personal life events, and gigantic promotions, Woohoo! For real, amazing.
But if it’s been a series of quiet stretches rather than epic leaps ..also Woohoo!

What would you have to embrace or let go of, to be okay with the year that was?

We have an idea, about straight lines from here to there, and if we don't get there we go through the mental war-with-self for not having reached point B, and draw hard lines in the sand. But life happens in between the lines.

I invite you to consider;

  • Who you were a year ago? How have you changed, become more of yourself?

  • What inner precipices have you walked to the edge of, and perhaps crossed?

  • Where have you realized that there is work to do? -This is a big thing too!

  • Were there times that you quietly said yes to a thing? Or, without fanfare, just said said NO?

  • Is there a realization -or several, that you've had about how you want to live your life in the year to come? This is valuable.

What I've come to know that time is not linear, its circular. And that "progress" speeds up and slows down with influencers not
seen by the naked eye or measured by calendar month. 

Or by year.