The Craft of Deep Listening

I’ve come to the conclusion over the last few weeks, that the craft of deep listening doesn't get nearly enough attention.

How many of our daily conversations consist of two people talking at each other, while (usually unconsciously) angling for a break to insert our own experience or reaffirm a position?

How often do we feel really heard?
How often do we really listen? 
To others. To ourselves.

There is a trifecta that happens with the practice of deep listening.

We become capable of a fuller and truer receiving of others -friends, partners, strangers ...and in all of the subtle ways they are communicating, beyond the words being used.
And so we really are speaking with, rather than at each other. 
When both parties in any situation feel seen and heard ...this is the space where possibility is endless …

With deep listening we access and communicate from a more authentic part of ourselves, our responses are more thoughtful, accurate and reflective of how we really feel. 
Making it possible for others to hear (and understand) us in the ways we fundamentally long for.

And, listening deeply means the muscle of intuition strengthens, so we are more able to hear ourselves ...our emotional wisdom, needs, and soulful callings ...

What could happen if we practiced listening without agenda?
And pausing before response?