Goodbye and Hello ...and Happy New Year!

For nearly everyone I know, personally and as part of the collective, it's been a tumultuous year with lots of change.

Storm riding. Breath holding. Solid ground seeking.
Hand to heart; change.

For me, the change (s) have been enormous. And the challenges; big, crawl out of my skin, don't think I can do this, what if I fall from the sky, challenges.
Pushed up against, and far beyond comfort zones.

And also, amazeballs, miracle kind of stuff in equal measure. The kind that is so direct and clear you know you are being  supported and shown the way. It's palpable. 

I think, maybe, this next year will offer a span of time for the tectonic plate-like shifts to slow, and the dust to settle into some sort of manageable form.

This year I said goodbye to;

Sirens, horns, subways, light pollution, crowds, and most of my possessions.
Which was easy.

My (animal) rescue work and many small beings who depended on me. 
Which was very hard.

Alcohol. I miss wine, everything about it. 
And a good whisky on a cold winters night.
It was time.

Security and certainty.
Which are an illusion anyway.

But true ties span continents.

I said hello to;

Spaciousness, and room to breathe.
The sound of my own footsteps.
And potentials which had never known the conditions needed to potentially ...become.

I thought I was good with the forgiveness thing. I've done a lot of it. 
But the other day I got a crystal clear realization (accompanied by an audible harrumph of "ooh, right")  that there is more to do, and just how powerful it is.
Forgiveness can all at once reach back into histories of patterning, and shift the course of our lives.
It is the stuff of unblocking like nothing else, and has reverberations which span lifetimes, complete contracts, and shift our "energetic DNA" (Karmic, of you will) for this life and those to come.

Someone asked me, but how do you do it? How can you forgive horrible wrongs done?
What Im finding in myself is a softening which comes with the awareness that somewhere, somehow, there is someone holding on to an unforgiveness of me.
In the this life or before, I have without a doubt, knowingly or unknowingly, done a wrong to someone.
Maybe even a wretched one. Its a law of humanness.
That is my beginning place.
And, letting go of my my "unforgivingness" doesn't forgive the thing, it releases me from being bound to it.

What if at the heart of the work of coming home to ourselves, is coming home to the whole of which we are woven?
What if this is the source of our fragmentation, and at the core of our longings?
Maybe what we are in need of returning to is Self as part of all things, all beings.
With our daily considerations and intentions rooted in a lived remembrance of our essential nature. For own healing. And for the world.

Is this something you do? Choose a word that represents a feeling, state of being, or aspiration for the year to come?
I love how congruent sounds, and rolls off and ends on the tongue.
But more than that, it feels like, everything; integrity, values, alignment ...inner & outer, word & deed, as above so below ...
Congruent is my aimed for measure for all things in 2019. 
Am I? Is this?
Congruence is the place and way I want to be in more of the time.