Silence has been replaced with a cacophony of communication, and solitude with social media

I saw this quote recently and thought, yes, it has. And we both individually and communally are in desperate need of unplugging from the noise, and connecting deeply to our inner landscape and to the world we live in. 

But there is more. There is also this; solitude is something so many of us have come to fear, and often avoid at all costs. A day alone is thought of as lonely. Why? What makes being still so frightening? And connecting to self and truth bring up such compulsion to fill the space ..with stuff/people/food/busy-ness? 
What mysteries might reveal themselves if we if we got quiet and listened to that which speaks to us in the silence? 

My solitude is my self care. I crave it. Without quiet I would starve, as sure as I would without physical sustenance.

I've been told throughout my life that it is "too much" -too much for what? For whom? My experience is that it is people who think of solitude as "strange" who are most ill at ease being alone, and who experience feelings of insecurity from a lack of "neediness" in others. 

A love of being alone is confused with with UN love for another; friends, family, partners. But I suspect that healthy relationships of all kinds, including with ourselves, are enriched by the grounding and insights gained in solitude. Perhaps they even require them. 

I wonder at the changes we might be called to make in our lives and in the world, if we got quiet and listened to that which lives at the core of us?

I welcome your thoughts!