The "Holidays"

A friend recently asked me to name 10 things I like and 10 things I dislike about New York. My answers, not unpredictably, were heavy on the dislike and short on the like. (Living in a place that more mirrors who I am and what I value requires a longer post, and is an element of my inentioning for the new year)

But there is this thing that I am feeling particularly aware of today;
I very much like living in a place where for many, today is just another day. Some celebrate, many do not, some have nothing and cannot, and for some, today comes with dread, and stress, and/or pain. 
And all of this gives permission to not feel like a freak, for this not being a day I do anything in particular to mark.
When I was younger "The Holidays" brought up deeply painful feelings of not enough-ness, and lack, and sorrow. 
Today, I know that none of those old stories are true, and those feelings are no longer part of my tape loop. 
And, I am utterly free to do as I wish, in a city that judges and cares not, about how I spend Christmas day.
Today I woke happy. I gave thanks for, and extra adoration to my cat companions, I moved my body, fed it beautiful food, took care of the outside feral cats, and will spend a few hours reading a novel that takes place in 8th century Gotland. A truly Merry day.
Whether we mark today with celebration or not, with friends and family, or not, there IS no "normal" and whatever we choose, it is perfectly, enough.
Peace, joy, safety, wellness, liberty, and abundance to all. 
Today. And everyday.