Soul Purpose

Our longings are the roadmap of our souls expression

The words and wisdom of John O'Donohue are a gift beyond measure. They feel like a soft caress for a fatigued spirit, and a gentle nudge and reminder of the knowing we all carry in our deepest memory, but forget amidst the daily tasks and surface identities the world deems important.
His book Anam Cara is one I return to again and again; the beauty and truths therein stir a soul knowing in me. And a longing to return to a place and way of living that I recognize as familiar, but feels older than this lifetime.

I awoke to this today, the reminder I needed; that our deepest longings are the roadmap of our souls expression. If listened to, they reveal our authentic selves and our most on-purpose path in this lifetime. Our longings are the voice of our soul.

As the density of night gives way to the bright song of the dawn, so your soul continually coaxes you to give way to the light and awaken. Longing is the voice of your soul, it constantly calls you to be fully present in your life: to live to the full the one life given to you. Rilke said to the young poet, "Live everything." You are here on earth now, yet you forget so easily. You traveled a great distance to get here. The dream of your life has been dreamed from eternity. You belong within a great embrace that urges you to have the courage to honor the immensity that sleeps in your heart. When you learn to listen to and trust the wisdom of your soul's longing, you will awaken to the invitation of graced belonging that inhabits the generous depths of your destiny. You will become aware of the miracle of presence within and around you. 

John O'Donohue

Burren Sky Photo: © Ann Cahill

Burren Sky
Photo: © Ann Cahill