Being the change

I was speaking with someone yesterday about the overwhelm she feels at so many wrongs and injustices in the world, how to choose one, where to focus, how to have effect ...

What I said to her, and what I truly believe, is that it really doesn't matter WHAT we do, as long as we DO.

I believe that every action taken toward the healing of a brokenness, the righting of an imbalance, whether it be in our close community; planting trees, working with children, delivering meals on wheels, or being the voice of non human animals. Using our art to by-pass the polarization that can come with dialogue, and instead reaching peoples hearts and feeling-places, fanning the flames of awareness.
Or on the other side of the world, protecting old growth forests, blocking bulldozers and pipelines, or holding vigils and bearing direct witness to that which is unbearable, each and every thing we do with the passionate intention of shedding light and transforming what is, lends itself to the greater groundswell of awakening and paradigm shifting that is pulsing and ready to become … 

Each action that aligns with our own unique voice and heart-calling, and our unfettered impulses of compassion and humanity, feeds the collective shift toward a new way of existing on this planet, and a just and sustainable world for all beings.

The important thing is that we DO. 
Each of us has so much more effect than the individual actions we take. 
Every action creates a ripple that connects to other ripples and literally reverberates around the world.


Having a soft heart in a hard world

I've been thinking a lot lately on what it means to have a soft heart. To feel, acutely. 

Earth as self, animals as self, the homeless person on the corner, as self. 
And about how the world at large and even most therapists and others in helping professions, attribute this depth of feeling to some kind of pathology, to something missing from our childhood, or a projection of the hurt parts of ourselves onto those most vulnerable, and it is dismissed as a kind of "reverse healing" that negates our authentic impulse.

I strongly counter that rather than soft hearts indicating that something is wrong with us, they are an indication that something is RIGHT with us.

Feeling, viscerally, as part of the whole; recognizing the struggle of another, the experience of empathy, a call to alleviate suffering, seeing self in others -across the illusory divide of species and color and culture (and that there IS no "other") are all part of moving closer to our unfettered state and essential nature.

And, softness doesn't cancel out ferocity.

Walking this earth with a soft heart, the willingness to feel the pain (and the magnificence) of mad love for all that is, and the impulse to act upon it, is a gift. 

Do more of that.
Nothing is wrong with you.