Truth Telling

So much of my work, no, all of my work, is about telling the truth. And alignment; with the seemingly at odds parts of ourselves, with our integrity, our values, how we show up on the world, and ultimately, our essential selves.

We are always called to teach what it is that we ourselves need to work on. 
And so, I've felt challenged by aligning and sharing all parts me publicly.
Activist, shit caller, person of faith, lover of this earth, and coach.

Today it feels really important to up my game of authenticity and risk. 
Because the world needs us; present, and fierce, and awake, hearts cracked open, and fully engaged.
To that end, here is a post I wrote privately this morning, now shared publicly;

In Junior high I used to wear a question authority t-shirt just to be sure "they" knew I was not buying it. 
I've always been profoundly offended by injustice and untruth, and I never understood why no one else could see that the emperor had no clothes. 
I've mellowed with age, tremendously; where as before, my rage came from the anger and fight in me, it now comes from love (which is always the ultimate truth underneath) 
Not airy fairy, passive, lets all just get along kind of love, but radical, ferocious, defend my family, kind of love; 
for the earth, and rocks, and rivers, for the trees that speak profound wisdom, for the moss, and salamanders, and spiders. For the dolphins, and marmosets, and wolves, and fishes. 
For the rats in laboratories, for every mother cow, and every baby stolen, and for the humans too, who are enslaved, and brutalized, and marginalized, and so conditioned that we've forgotten who we really are, and lost connection to our true nature.

The ultimate truth is oneness. There is no "other". We are not divided by color, gender, preference, or species. There are billions of unique manifestations of source, but not a single one of these manifestations is separate from, or other than us. 

I've done a shitload of work to align the parts of myself; lover, healer, empath, live-er with reverence and awareness of the Divine in all beings, and fighter, justice seeker, caller of shit, and citizen of this planet, not this (or any) country. 
And I have more work to do. 
To quiet my anger, more. To live from fierce love, more.

Why am I saying all of this? 
I don't know exactly, but it feels important at this juncture. 
To name that calling out what is happening in this country -and the world, does not mean that we are living in the "negative" or being "unspiritual". 
We can hold the knowledge of wholeness, while calling out distortion. Know the ultimate truth of oneness, while naming the injustices and falsehoods that perpetuate the illusion of separateness. 
Stepping in line is not a requirement for evolution or awakening, nor to be "spiritual beings" -we already are.

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