On walking to edges

Im thinking about edges this morning -and walking to them.
And that edges come in different forms …not all present with a stomach clenchingly dramatic precipice, and are accompanied by thematically appropriate soundtrack.
Some are subtle, woven into the fabric of our daily choices, and directions taken. 
A little ..”Ooh, hello, well here is little thingie to notice and stretch to the other side of ...”
And, subtle doesn’t equal un monumental.
An edge doesn't have to feel cold sweat dramatic, and rock us to our core, to be profound. Or to bring a shift.
Sometimes the subtlest action of stepping off the curb in our not usual direction to the grocery store -down a not before seen road, or a quiet YES, or just
choosing to be still, sitting with feelings or thoughts never before given space to BE, can cause ripples equal to stepping off a precipice thousands of miles high …
The thing is, that we keep stepping.