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The nature of my resistance was so strong, that I wouldn’t have navigated any of this without your loving action and energetic push. You have helped me make serious history in my life. I know that life is a team sport and you are one of my greatest examples of that. With so much love and gratitude.
— Elizabeth, Texas

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I have been working with Ilse since my life turned itself upside down & I recognized that I needed help to understand root issues, and make new choices. When I asked Ilse for some coaching, I did so from a very deep intuition that she was who might help me “right the ship”. Through our sessions, I have gained clarity, continued to move forward on this journey & learned to become still more often. What I can also share is that Ilse is a rare combination of a best friend, an intuitive, a clergy & an angel. Her questions are intentional, purposeful & poised to make me stretch. Deepest gratitude.
— Toby, Washington
The tangible act of acknowledging who I am now and putting that out beyond my familiar universe is really a miracle for me to live into. Im so amazed to have done this. Your awareness, intuition, smarts and patience really helped to make this happen for me. I can’t thank you enough!
— Katharine, New York City

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Appreciation for Ilse Singer, Life Coach and Mentor

I found Ilse to be warm-hearted, generous, blessingly honest and a grounding presence. Her “values storming” exercise was incredibly powerful. Ilse saw me as I hadn’t been acknowledging myself in a long time. It has been incredibly empowering to be seen and have this reflected to me during each session. She sensed exactly where I needed to dig deeper and through her gentle yet firm questions, gave me the nudges I needed to do the work on myself. I felt like each session together was a gift. There were days when we had a session scheduled and I didn’t really know what to discuss, but Ilse offered me a safe space to explore and look within, and something incredibly meaningful always emerged! 
I am so grateful for our work together and highly recommend her as a Life Coach.
— Monica Della Croce, Italy
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When I started working with Ilse I had been stuck for a very long time, and I didn’t know how to get unstuck. Being asked exactly what I wanted to get out of coaching, and what I wanted my life to look like, was challenging. Ilse worked with me to explore and voice anything and everything. That was pivotal. And she helped to create structure and steps to take that have allowed me to move forward with my life rather than taking a back seat to my circumstances.
— Julie, Indiana