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Ilse Singer is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Teacher, and Facilitator, and holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornel University. She is also Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator certified by Main Street Vegan Academy and a PMA certified Classical Pilates Instructor.

Ilse is dedicated to assisting and supporting people in positively changing their lives. She does this by offering insight, coaching, information, facilitation, and instruction.

She does not conduct any medical or psycho therapeutic work or diagnoses. She will refer you to other professionals if need be. She offers her clients support in finding the answers they themselves hold, as well as deepened awareness and spiritual perspective to aid them in self empowerment.

Ilse does not make any claim that any of her services will directly heal, cure, or otherwise change your current life situation. The services and information she provides are based exclusively on her impressions, education and experiences.


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Please also note that I do not offer refunds on any program or services. Choosing to work with Ilse is that – a choice – and you will get back what you yourself put in.


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