Your Values Blueprint is the tangible, visual and verbal representation, of the things that fundamentally matter to you;

☙ A tool for decision making and life-living.

For remembering who you really are.

For anchoring to the things you envision.

When we get really clear on our “what matters” -our core values, they become our beacons. The filter by which decisions are made and success is measured, how we chart our daily actions and path to traverse. And life starts to feel congruent.

Exploring and bringing our values to light – and to life, isn't all about "positivity." Sometimes we have to do a little heavy lifting to unearth the good stuff. This process can take us to shadowy places. Places that need to be invited to the table. Spoken to, heard, made space for.

Often it takes embodying one previously un realized but foundational value, to make make the fulfillment of other values possible.

It would be my honor to help you discover and bring to life

the things that really matter.

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This is what my core, or meta Values Blueprint looks like.
Yours can be anything at all!



Code, loyalty, word, ethics, honor. Standing tall, clear speaking, rooted.

For me, this is about inward directed integrity, as well as toward the world at large. Applying all of the measures; telling the truth, keeping our word, doing what is right my relationship with myself as well as others. Unswayed by the wind. Standing in our grounding, being oneself, thinking, speaking, and treating honorably.


Stability, nurturing, calm, retreat, safety, peace, ease, harmony, centering, solid under foot, a place to grow from.

My value of sanctuary is very much about physical space -my home and the environment that nourishes and grounds me, but also about being home to myself. A sanctuary and place of refuge to dwell in, rather than a hostile environment of self criticism and doubt. Self as welcoming dwelling for oneself.


Activist, warrior, earth lover, revolutionary, justice seeker. Game changer. Question authority. Earth rights, animal rights, human rights #everytingisconneted.

This is my ferocious place. My place of mad, fierce, compassionate, love -and fury at injustice. "The emperor has no clothes". This is my voice that is bigger than myself, and when Im in alignment -when we all are ...the whole planet speaks though us! Every tree about to be cut down, every mountain bulldozed, every being oppressed, and held in real or virtual shackles, is given VOICE.

to thine own self

Adventure, non conforming, rebellion, unrestricted. Non stagnation, discovery, figure it out as I go, autonomy. Open space, freedom

This value reflects my commitment to seeking and engaging with wild places that mirror the wild in me and invite it forth, and allow its expansion and revelry. And to listening intently and being true, no matter commonly held belief or norm. Caring, deeply, how people feel, but not what they think ...liberation.

earth rooted

Earth rooted is my connection to dirt, green, place memory, to source, to myself. Reverent, open space, smells, rain, mist, magic, mother, lover, family, rivers, trees, moss, ants, spiders, mice, marmosets, cats, cows, frogs ...

This is Who. I. Am. I have held this value for a lifetime, ...and quietly longed for its fulfillment for nearly as long. My earliest memories of earth connection and rapture tucked away like treasures, unwrapped once in a long while to inhale deeply and remember lovingly. A value can be SO deeply rooted in who we are, and yet denied its place. Not be made manifest. This is when life starts to fall apart, when we get sick. When we have inexplicable crises ...


Heavy lifting, soul work. Peeling back the layers. Growth. Doing what I came here for, evolution, showing my heart, coming home. Revealing. Unfettered state. Living true.

"I do not want to be folded anywhere, because where I am folded there, I am a lie" ~Rilke

compassion as verb

Heart cracked open. Not theorizing but active. Seeing sameness. There is no other. Sacred activism. Equality, global citizenship, fierce kindness –not niceness.

This is value us everything to me. The embodyment of Ahimsa and dynamic harmlessness. Recognition and practice, with every choice made and action taken, that all beings matter.


(serving the sacred)

Being of service, giving back, helping others, alleviating suffering, being the change

When I am making choices that are aligned with this value allows me to experience myself as part of the whole, -and as the whole expressing itself through me. To feel non separation or otherness. To find beauty and grace all places, even the ugly and broken ones. And it brings perspective; allows me to immediately come back home to what is true for me, to what matters.

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