Doing my work and being of service in the world have been the most consistent themes in my life.

Even in the darkest and most confused of times, my goals have been about becoming un shattered, and doing what I came here for. 

Being a coach and teacher is what I did long before it became what I do. 

As a coach and as a human being I am committed to

☙ Dismantling and rewriting the story of what it is to be human on this planet. The current story does not serve.

☙ Transparency, vulnerability, finding and following edges, being awake, going deeper, speaking up.

☙ Cultivating joy and holding space for beauty in the every-day, rather than chasing the consumption-based myth of happy.

☙ Honoring my core values in a way that brings myself and others toward a truer expression of who we really are. (My secret ambition is to save the world in the process.)

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A few more things you may want to know about me

  • I was born in NYC but spent my early formative years on the very rural west coast; no running water, no electricity, and time spent with trees and wild things. There were a few communes along the way, wise words from Tibetan Lamas, and drugs, dramas, and crushing disfunction.

  • I am a constant inquirer, and even more constant challenger of "the way things are".

  • My life has been the definition of unconventional – in the best and the worst sense. Somewhere, there is a book in me.

  • I see the sacred everywhere and am passionately reverent, and I say fuck a LOT.

  • I'm pretty hard core woo, but not woo woo or new age. (Early Mystics, not Spirit Junkie).

  • I am madly in love with this earth – rocks, and rivers, and trees, and moss, and each and every glorious creature, from spider to elephant. The brilliance in a single seed leaves me speechless.

  • I didn't go to grammar school, and didn't read or write until age 9 – I taught myself.

  • I cry daily, often more than once. Sometimes because I've been shattered by grief for the world, sometimes because I've been shattered by beauty. I strive to allow my heart to crack open.

  • I am profoundly offended by injustice and feel called to protect my earth-home and family to the last breath. Time and work have softened the rage-fight in me.

  • I took an archetype test a while ago and the results were alchemist and revolutionary – pretty much describes me perfectly.

  • I have been vegan for a very long time. It is the truest expression of my heart and values in action.

  • I need solitude and stillness as surely as I need air to breathe.

  • Sometimes I succeed... sometimes I fail miserably. I will be figuring out this existence until the very end of it.

Ilse Singer as a young girl with her cat.

My work

At its core, is about values. Not the patriarchal, riddled with judgements and should's, kind of values.  But about getting crystal clear on what really deeply matters, micro and macro, personal and planetary, and supporting people toward alignment, and dynamic presence, to get on with it.

My intention is to further our collective embodied humanity, and a commitment to living passionately, authentically, and values-centered.


My life. I have had ...a LIFE. I have seen, and done, and withstood, shit. Being an ascetic would have been easy for me. The hard part has been learning to navigate as an acutely feeling creature in a world that feels utterly alien, and developing compassion for the human condition. Mostly, my own.

I have mad wisdom, and learning that comes from doing under my belt, and a roadmap of walking to edges and actively engaging the shadowy stuff, and inviting it into the light. My life has been guided, however zig zagily, by a commitment to pulling apart false conditioning and belief, and coming home to self and wholeness.

The technical stuff

I received my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) training from Leadership That Works (ACTP), and hold a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell University and T. Colin Campbell. I received my certification as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator from Victoria Moran at Main Street Vegan Academy, and am a PMA certified Classical Pilates Instructor.

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Ways to work with me